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Volume XI, No. 7, July15, 2007, Next Issue, August 15, 2007





*India-Pakistan Peace Day 2007


*August 12, International Youth Day.


*August 13-17, Sadikabad, Pakistan: INDO-PAK STUDENTS PEACE CAMP 2007

*September 4, Springs, New York, NY: INDIA PAKISTANI CONCLAVE

*December 1-2, Islamabad, Pakistan: INDIA-PAKISTAN RELATIONS: PROSPECTS



*Little Terrorist







*India-Pakistan Peace Day 2007, Pritam K. Rohila, Ph.D., asiapeace@comcast.net

In 2004, the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) started India-Pakistan’s Peace Day. Now, we are ready to launch this campaign for the year 2007.

The 2007 campaign will consist of the following two components:

1. Apology to the Victims of the 1947 Partition-related Violence

2. “39 Days of Peace” calendar

1. Apology

The Partition of British India in 1947 was perhaps the darkest period in the history of South Asia.

In the frenzy of communal violence, one-half to one million individuals lost their lives. Most were massacred. Many women committed suicide to protect what they considered their honor, or due to the shame of their dishonor.  
About 15 million people were forced to leave their homes Countless people could not withstand the hardships of the migration. They either succumbed to their miseries, or were marginalized in their new abodes, and could not regain their pre-Partition economic and social standing.
Tragically, no one has so far accepted responsibility for these heinous crimes against humanity. No one has been prosecuted for these barbaric acts.
The least we can do is to empathize with, and apologize to, the victims and their families.
Therefore, we invite you to join us in this long-overdue effort by signing our Petition of Apology on our website www.indiapakistanpeace.org   
2. 39 Days of Peace calendar

Some people believe, and we agree that we create our own reality through our thoughts, words, and actions. And when we are united in a common, deeply-felt purpose, the power to create positive change is increased many times.


Therefore, on our website www.indiapakistanpeace.org   we have prepared for your use 39 affirmative statements, one for each day between August 14 and September 21. You are welcome to modify them if you wish.


We are confident that when all of us affirm each day’s words, we will help create a consciousness of peace that blesses us all, including the people in and from India and Pakistan. Also, it would help us foster a culture of peace rather than just focusing on conflict-resolution and anti-war work.


We urge you to join us in promoting peace within us and in the world around us by saying aloud the affirmative statements of peace and harmony.

Please send us announcements and reports of your celebrations of India-Pakistan Peace Day 2007. We will post them on our website www.indiapakistanpeace.org  

Do not hesitate to contact us at asiapeace@comcast.net  if you have any question, comment, or suggestion


*August 12, International Youth Day. As a way to promote better awareness of the World Program of Action for Youth, the U. N. General Assembly on 17 December 1999 resolved to declare 12 August as International Youth Day.

A major focus of the Day is practical action to further encourage the empowerment and participation of youth in the processes and decisions that affect their lives. The media have especially important role to play in support of the observance of the Day to promote public awareness of youth issues. More info from http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unyin/iyouthday.htm


 *August 12-15, Pune, India: SOUTH ASIAN CONFERENCE ON YOUTH & DEMOCRACY. As India and Pakistan completes the celebration of sixty years of independence on 15th August, Centre for Youth Development and Activities (CYDA) in association with like-minded organisations intend to organize a 3-day international conference on Youth & Democracy in South Asia.  The objective of this program is to bring together, young people, youth activists and academicians from different walks of life and deliberate on concerns and issues of democracy in the context of young people.  More info from: www.cydaindia.org , cyda@vsnl.com ,  or CYDA

#4, Vasanttara, Above Udhyam Vikas Sahkari Bank, Next to Surya Hotel, Off Ghole Road, Pune 411004, Phone 020 – 25533168


*August 13-17, Peace-city Sadikabad, Pakistan: INDO-PAK STUDENTS PEACE CAMP 2007 for youth of 15-22 years is being organized by Centre for Youth Development & Activities (CYDA), in collaboration with Yuvsatta-Chandigarh, Beaconhouse School System, Sadikabad, and Institute of Peace & Secular Studies, Lahore, to promote peace, particularly between Pakistan and India. A number of mixed group activities shall take place; no lengthy and boring lectures would be made.


The camp will be held in Peace-city Sadikabad at Beaconhouse School System. More info from Mubashir Mirza mirza.mubashir@yahoo.com


*September 4, Springs, New York, NY: INDIA PAKISTANI CONCLAVE. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the independence of the two countries, and to promote peaceful and supportive coexistence between them, an invitation-only gathering of Indian and Pakistani professionals and business-persons is planned at the Saratoga Polo Association. The event will be followed by polo match, and a catered and tented dinner. More info from E. Nisar Khan, Exec. Director, The India-Pakistan Conclave, Inc, 1 Birchwood Dr, East Greenbush, NY 12061, 917-440-8111, IPCONCLAVE@aol.com


*December 1-2, Islamabad, Pakistan: INDIA-PAKISTAN RELATIONS: PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES aims to analyze the significant issue pertaining to peace building in South Asia, with particular reference to the on-going peace dialogue between India and Pakistan, at Preston University, Islamabad. Registration fee is Rs. 1,000. More info from Dr. Sohail Mahmood, Preston University, 85, Street 3, H-8/1, Islamabad - 44000, Pakistan, Phone: +92 51 111-707-808 (office); Fax: 092- 051-4430648, Cell: +92 345 511 79 21, E-Mail: mahmood.sohail@gmail.com




*September 17 is the last date for submission of applications for Senior Fellowships in the Jennings Randolph Fellowship Program of the U. S. Institute of Peace for the 2008-2009, in Washington, D. C. Fellowships are open to citizens of any country… Fellowships are usually awarded for 10 months beginning in October. Shorter term residencies are also available. More info from 202-429-3886jrprogram@usip.org http://www.usip.org/fellows/apply.html




*Little Terrorist


Directed by Ashvin Kumar and produced by Judith James, and available in DVD  format at 15 US Dollars each from http://www.little-terrorist.com

 This Oscar Nominated (2005) short film relates the story of a Pakistani Muslim boy who accidentally crosses the Pakistani-Indian border which is riddled with land mines. He ends up in a strange country that regards him as a terrorist. The old orthodox Hindu Bhola takes him in and hides him from the Indian soldiers. However, traditions and prejudices about Muslims remain an obstacle in the relationship between Bhola and the boy. Ultimately, humanity triumphs over prejudice when Bhola risks his own life to help Jamal cross the border again.



*Strengthen National Institutions to Deal with Human Rights Violations and Overcome National Regression


July 3, 2007, Press Release by the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, 12/14 Purana Vihara Road, Colombo 6, Phones 2818344, 2854127, 2819064, Tel/Fax:2819064, npc@sltnet.lk,


The National Peace Council is disturbed by the controversy surrounding the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Serious Human Rights Violations (COI). This Commission was appointed in November 2006 by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the face of mounting concern over the climate of impunity and terror with regard to abductions, extortions, assassinations and other grave human rights violations in the country.

Unfortunately, the functioning of the Commission has been tarnished by the recent public correspondence between the Commission itself, the Attorney General, and the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) mandated to observe the investigations carried out by the Commissioners. We are relieved that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has written to the Chairman of the IIEGP, Justice P.N Bhagwati, and requested him to continue with his work.  We also appreciate the continued work of the Commission, and the Sri Lankan Commissioners, who have taken up the difficult challenge of seeking to ensure justice in a time of impunity.

The Eminent Persons were brought in to observe the working of the Commission. So they have to express an opinion on whether the Commission is working according to international standards, and if not, to point out the failings. The National Peace Council believes that the IIGEP needs to take immediate steps to directly observe the investigations conducted by the Commission, in the process of fulfilling the desired requisite of collective responsibility. Basing their public statements solely on information provided by intermittently-present assistants may lead to misunderstandings.

Given that the Commission's mandate extends only to a few cases, a feasible and practicable time frame must be set for the culmination of inquiries. This will ensure greater efficacy and answerability, and place greater pressure on responsible parties to give effect to their mandate in a timely manner. In this context, the National Peace Council welcomes the positive recommendations made by the IIGEP to improve the functioning of the Commission. We urge all parties to coordinate proceedings in accordance with international standards and norms and to cooperate in a manner which gives due respect to the authorized mandates of investigation, observation and recommendation. We also encourage the COI and IIGEP to work together to complete their mandated tasks within a reasonable time frame.

The National Peace Council of Sri Lanka appreciates the initiatives of the Government to enact national legislation that provides assistance and protection to victims and witnesses, and to amend the Commission of Inquiry Act. We insist that these measures be realized without delay in Parliament.

As the role of the Attorney General's Department is central to the dispute we urge the COI and IIGEP to seriously review the matter and seek a mutually acceptable solution that ensures transparency and impartiality that best serves the interests of justice. 

Today, well over a thousand persons are reportedly dead or missing and alarming patterns of defamatory propaganda and systematic terror campaigns have intimidated civil society. The Chairman of the Presidential Commission to Probe Abductions, Disappearances and Killings, Mahanama Tillakaratne has recently stated that 1713 disappearances were reported in the country during the period January 1, 2006 to February 25, 2007, with 1002 persons subsequently reappearing. The majority of killings and abductions were reported from the Eastern Province. The international ceasefire monitors of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission recently reported that in June 2007, in one week alone, there were 34 abductions in the East of the country.

The National Peace Council regrets that more than seven months have passed since the establishment of the Commission, and four months since the appointment of the Eminent Persons, but the human rights abuses continue without ceasing. Every day that passes sees more of the same infringements that these two bodies were expected to investigate. Their failure to end the spree of human rights violations and abuses shows that ad hoc and temporary bodies, however well intentioned, cannot deal with the major crises of governance in our country. 

We believe that Sri Lanka needs a firm political will combined with the effective implementation of national laws through the proper discharge of the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution and the revitalization and de-politicization of national institutions, such as the Judiciary, Police and Public Service. We join with other civil society organizations that demand that the Government work together with the main Opposition and other political parties to strengthen those national institutions intended to protect the Rule of Law, and to ensure justice towards all.



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